Some useful info about Rephraser writing company in this review article is a writing service that offers you a re-writing of a text. Therefore, it doesn’t produce any original writings. In this review, we will talk about the prices this service has compared to the quality of its work, its testimonials, feedback on Rephraser, prices and coupon codes.

All of these will conclude with a rating. Whether it is positive or negative, it depends only on the quality of the service of this site.

What Does Rephraser Offer?

It doesn’t matter if you are a businessman or a student, will provide you with the same rewriting and rephrasing service.

The products that are usually included in this process are academic essays, papers, articles, or copywriting documents. The method of rephrasing and rewriting is basically used to escape the plagiarism’s hunt, but is Rephraser good enough to help you in this matter?

The Quality of the Products

The website claims that all its work is done manually, without the help of any software. Plus, they offer a fast plagiarism scan of the final product to prove its authenticity. Still, you don’t have to be impressed by these claims.

Many customers were disappointed with the final result because they had great expectations created by the website’s false advertising. The quality of the final papers you receive may be very poor because of the wrong vocabulary, bad sentence structure, bad phrasing and many other issues.

However, the only good thing is that Rephraser finishes the work within the timeframe they stipulate, but at what cost? It’s better to write slower and well than very fast and do it all wrong. Although the final result can pass a plagiarism scan, its quality is so poor that it cannot be posted or submitted anywhere because of the serious errors it may have.

Prices and Discounts

First of all, this is a rephrasing service, so it doesn’t produce any original pieces of writing. Therefore, the prices can’t be compared to other writing services that write your paper from scratch. has discounts on the website that are situated between 20% and 25% if you are a new customer. However, there is no promo code for returning customers.

Let’s talk numbers now. If you want to rewrite an 8-page paper, within 7 days, that will cost you around 67.14 American dollars. A bit much if you ask me, considering the quality of what you will receive at the end. There is also an urgent option that you can choose if you are in a hurry, meaning that you will receive your product in no more than 6 hours, but this will cost you a fortune and it’s not worth it.

Thinking of the previous example, if you wanted that 8-page paper to be done in 6 hours straight, you will need to pay Rephraser about $200. As I said, it’s not worth it. There are other services that write you an original paper and cost less than this.

Customer reviews

People are mainly disappointed in this service, some of them even stating that they paid over $100 to get a plagiarized piece of paper in the end. There are no replies from the website if you send them a message about the poor quality of what you received, and your money will not be returned no matter what.

Conclusion is not a service I recommend you to choose if you are looking for a good piece of paper. It doesn’t matter if you want it rephrased or written from scratch, Rephraser proved that it cannot do any of these two.

Rephraser review


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