Benefits of Social Media

Benefits of Social Media

For the past five decades, technology has been advancing daily. Scientist and engineers have dedicated much research and work on technology advancement. In collaboration with socialists and psychologist, scientist incorporated technology in fields of psychology, business and politics.

The incorporation of technology into this field has both benefits and disadvantages. These benefits include communication advancement at workplace and research, socialization with other people, advancing relationship, and the job market for tutors and knowledge sharing. Though more time is spent in social media it is coupled with the cost of addiction. It is also evident that, with the advancing technology, the use of social media has increased significantly. Hence, many people rely on this critical aspect for connection purpose, sharing ideas and accessing information that could have extremely difficult to obtain (Careaga 1). The paper discusses and enumerates the benefits of social media in improving communication, advancing tutoring opportunities, improvement in politics and increased knowledge and benefits of psychology.

The use of social media has enhanced communication in all sectors. This includes marketing, education and research, workplace, and society in general. The social media channels have grown exponentially in a relatively short time (Careaga 1). The growth has enhanced the increase in knowledge as people learn from others and also from social network group.

Social media builds a base for communication tactics. In this regard, People get knowledge of how to communicate effectively with others. Communication is made possible as social media teaches people to be responsive when inquiring for a message, communicating a message, responding to peoples’ ideas and views, and engaging in communication with other people. Thus, it enhances communication reputation and skills used during communication process (Careaga 1). The obtained skill increases knowledge and understanding in the real life. Additionally, it escalates the power of knowing how to live and communicate with others.

Social media advancement has enhanced research and education. People have built academic networks that are used as a platform for exchanging ideas. In the network, people pass information regarding a field of study or a topic of discussion. In social media like Facebook, there are comments and like fields that enhances the participants to gather people contribution towards a particular subject.

Also, social media enhances collaboration and engagement that is guided by the established policies. Further, research is conducted by a group of individual who are in separate geographical areas implying that social media is a valuable communication tool. Therefore, social media plays a vital role in knowledge sharing and improvement and increasing communication among scholars and students (Careaga 1)

Employee communication has advanced through the help of social media. The social media is in use as an internal communication platform (Bukaliya and Rupande 654). In fact, a public existing social media like mySpace, Salesforce or WhatsApp have a great contribution in the organization communication. Tasks communicated to the employee are enhanced through the social media. Moreover, the work of completion can also be submitted through the same channel. The benefits of such social network especially internal communication platform are faster decision making, greater recognition of employees through immediate feedback from an employer, and enhanced teamwork and collaboration on projects among workers. Also, during job advertisement social media is an important tool for communication. The applicants can receive information regarding the advertised jobs (Bukaliya and Rupande 649). Manager of a cooperate or company uses social media like facebook, myspace or company’s created social media platform to advertise for job vacancies. Feedback is also conveyed privately through social media. Hence, social media plays a fundamental role in the employment sector.

The rapid growth of social media usage enhances politics since people can access an abundance of information concerning leadership (Effing 31). Platforms have been developed by various political groups so as to use as a campaign tool and passage information tool. The use of social media in political discussion is called political socialization.

Young people have enhanced politics through social media. Social networking services such as public debates and online discussion enhances political discussions. This discussion is important as it creates team worker, collaboration and acts as a public way of addressing issues affecting the society. This participation is active hence it is deemed useful (Effing 27). The discussion results in a better resolution made on political and economic areas. The opinions may also be used by leaders to check on jurisdiction areas to improve in their ruling.

Many people obtain political information from social media compared to traditional media. The information provided in social media is interactive and visually attractive, briefer, easier to process and user-centered. Participants show more sophisticated feedback in their engagement with information on social media. Users enjoy discussing political issues online rather than participating in political rallies (Effing 28).

Social media influence political interest positively due to constant exposure to global information regarding politics. The exposure to such discussion makes voters analyze the capabilities of the aspirants. Therefore, social media is an important tool to success in politics of a nation (Effing 30).

Socialization is the process where people learn from each other. Also, it is the process where a person inherits norms, ideologies, customs and culture over an extended period. This enables an individual to gain skills and mindset during the process of socialization. Socialization affects the psychology of a person positively (Madge 19). Young people maintain high social connection and network that develops their social skills and self-confidence.

Media increases essential skills of an individual in school especially university and workplace. The user of social media is quick to adapt new technologies, environment, services and learning that are higher valuable skills in research studies at higher learning for students (Madge 17). Also, through social media socialization, people obtain literacy skills that include analysis, evaluation, interpretation and contextualization. Thus, it contributes to vital skills in daily life activities like daily work, research, and education.

Social networks enhance emulation of other people. In a social network, people get to compare themselves with other people thus enhancing them to emulating their character. (Cheshire 717). For example, a Democrat whose social profile and posts concern championing democracy will influence another person. Thus building a character that is more appreciative and important. Also, in matters concerning character, an individual may obtain information regarding how to live with other people. From such essays and quotes, a character is built in return.

Social media enhances measure of social being. Through social media, people can know about their character. Through sociology, psychology, and technological learning, a system has developed that aids in learning and describing the human brain and is extensively used in social media analysis (Cheshire and Judd 706). An individual can log into the social network, do some psychological test examination or the system checks profile of the user and provide a solution. Thus, enabling an individual to get prior knowledge concerning psychology status hence he or she can provide a solution to social and psychological problems that may arise. In advancement, this social media provides solutions according to the results obtained.

Gaming such as badges enhances social life of an individual. They motivate the individual as there are rewards. The set target of identification is to help one access one’s task, completion, and finalization. They also serve as a reminder of past achievement and also make mind participate in group gaming (Antin 5). The badges are always common in social media.

Social media has enhanced relationship among many people. In the recent years, many relationships both marital and friendly begun in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. This online relationship has played an important role in people encounter practical and personal difficulties in a networked world. A greater health social relationship network developed which may lead to individual getting partners.

The health of an individual is influenced positively by a social network. Social networks such as health doctor can be of more benefit. Health Doctor Application found on social media sites such as mySpace. A patient analyzes health through these sophisticated software tools. Social media creates an environment where people can obtain information regarding health, relax their mind, get to know more about other people and also watch videos concerning health (Cheshire and Judd 715). The knowledge obtained is more important to an individual especially in matters concerning social life.

Millions of people log into social media daily. Many use social media as a learning tool and also to gain understanding of various concepts (Careaga 1). Due to this reason, there is a need for the tutor to enhance skills and knowledge to the student. Therefore, many people have enhanced tutoring business through the social media. They make use of existing and other created social media platform. Tutors main endeavor is to give instructions to the students. Thus in the process there is an exchange of opinions and ideas as learning takes place. Social media has also created employment opportunities.

Social media helps the students find good tutors. Through evaluation and rating process, students can select good instructors. Tutors also advertise themselves using the social network, as they highlight their strength and weaknesses. Through the information, skills, knowledge, capabilities and certificate assurance, parents and student can select the best tutor (Careaga 1). The tutor gets to know learners capabilities, determination and a better understanding of all learners. The tutor does it by evaluating the social profile of the student and the student participation on a researched or discussion topic.

The tutor can develop an individual social network platform to connect with students. The social network may include log in for both the tutor and learner, access area for information and feedback panel. This social media access area enhances another valuable information searching. Also, it enables the tutor to disseminate notes and research questions on the platform, give deadlines, rules and regulation governing the institution as highlighted in the social media platform (Bukaliya and Rupande 653).

In conclusion, there are many benefits of social media in daily life. These benefits cut across psychology, political, tutoring, communication and knowledge advancement fields. People access information easier and efficient through the social media. The political information helps in evaluation of leaders in the society. The advancement also enhances communication at work in social media. Social media have also enhanced tutoring opportunities and knowledge increase. Projects and discussion may be conducted efficiently through the social media. Therefore, in today’s world of technology, social media is important in every social, economic, political and educational sector.


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